Monday, 12 August 2013

Time really flies. Alcester Court Leet, Southampton Sailors, Redditch folks, general Midlands and national stuff. I've really not written about any of it! Sorry.

Here's something I would like to write about though. Video "production companies" and copyright.

I recently came upon yet another "professional" video company promoting their work openly yet using a very well known artists music. Stop and think; who owns the rights? If you commission the company, are you aiding and abetting copyright crime? Do you want to risk it?

Forgetting big time artists for a moment, suppose you are an up-and-coming artist who works hard to create  and promote your own work. Next thing you know, a "professional"  outfit you've never heard of puts your music on a short film/video/advert/  and sells it for £500. How would you feel?

Do you want your business associated with copyright theft? I doubt it.  Please think about alternatives:

Hope this is useful and saves some embarrassment.