Monday, 3 March 2014

Dazed and confused ......  but delighted!

I've been working with the Christian Resource Exhibitions group now for 4 years, (or 5), as event photographer, (see my work on their website). Christian Resources, or CRE, are part of the Bible Society, and working with them is a huge pleasure. They call me to Edinburgh, Birmingham, Exeter, Peterborough, London, Manchester, and Bristol events multiple times in a year, and I work along side an amazing video journalist/filmmaker, Peter Wooding

Now, (this very morning), I've been told that I am to take on both roles, which means shooting 1000's of stills, AND interviewing on "film" some major players in Christian society, music and film. Wow! 
How did this happen? Well, reason one, is that Woody is so sought after that sometimes he has to fly into England from a major overseas project, and immediately fly out again. As you'll appreciate, that's not easy!
Then, as a second point, I have been creating short films for CRE's "backline" for 12 months, and the last one really worked!

All I can say is Thank you Lord, thank you CRE.

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