Friday, 11 February 2011

I'm NOT paying for a photographer!

Why should I? I have a decent camera, it cost me £700+!  What's a good reason to spend another £500 on a simple shot of my **insert product/service here** ?

Ok, I hear you. If you really want to risk your product not looking it's best, and you just want a snap, go ahead.
If you want something good, but won't or perhaps can't pay a pro, what do you do? Maybe look at a stock agency. Do they have something for you? Of course if you have a unique product, then stock agencies are a waste of your valuable time.

So, where does that leave you?

Option 1
Learn on your own how to really use your £700+ camera. Simple, but it may take a while.
Option 2
See if a member of your staff knows how.
Option 3
Get basic training and follow it up to learn to shoot to your requirements.
Option 4 
Hire that pro!

Cheapest option? Probably number 3. 

Hardest option?  Probably number 1.

What am I suggesting?
Get basic training for yourself or/and a staff member. Pay once. Gain every time.

Call me!  I'll come to you.