Wednesday, 6 April 2011

More on the April offer and pricing in general.

Cremetti commercial doesn't want to be greedy. Read up on photography, and see who wants £1500 to shoot a group of products "because they may be used later in a national TV campaign."

From a different perspective, it could seem that even Cremetti's "£15 per simple shot", is expensive though. Is it really? We've had a look at this, and find that it's possible to pay as little as £2 per shot. That's right, £2 per shot. The only slight problem is that it turns out to be a minimum of 50, or 100 shots at a very low resolution, plus expenses of postage, delivery, CD writing, and various other things. So how does the Cremetti price work?

In a simple case, it works very simply..... One shot on a plain background at high resolution, £15. That's it.

You see, we believe that you may often not want 100 shots. You might be simply illustrating a single thing on a clients new website.It can't always be this simple, of course. Items which need courier transportation have to be paid for in both directions, or fuel expenses over distances. All in all though, a company 20 miles away who want one or two images, are going to find it cheaper in most cases to use us.

Other reasons to use Cremetti are usually quite reasonably considered to be simply standard characteristics of business: honesty, reliability, speed, etc etc. Then there is "uniqueness of vision." What is that? Is anything unique, really? If so, how long will it remain unique? Perhaps a more realistic statement might be: "flexibility of vision coupled with creative imagination."  Something like that. .

The April offer:.

As discussed elsewhere in this blog, this particular offer is for a half price job, when one full priced job is requested.Does this mean that we'll shoot 2 product images for £22.50? Yes. It's that straightforward, (where no transport costs apply). Here's the info as shown on the Cremetti Commercial website.

This offer won't be available in May!!!!

April 6th 2011  - This months offer - HALF OUR PRICE
Occasionally, at Cremetti Commercial we make an offer. We do it to promote our business and help yours at the same time. This month, the offer applies only to Design Agencies and PR companies, is limited to one use, and it must taken within the dates from April 6th to April 29th 2011

The Offer
Request a product shoot, or a corporate portrait and we'll do another equal time job of the same type for half the price when booked at the same time.