Sunday, 22 May 2011

Getting to know digital photography.

Discovering the truth.
First, may I say that blogs read backwards to my way of thinking. The most recent comes first, and I think that is wierd....... Still, no matter.

Now then:
The truth about digital cameras!
If you are a photography enthusiast/expert, leave now. There's nothing here for you to learn, (I would hope). If, however, you are a camera user who follows the latest trends in digital cameras, read on.

Recently, (and by recently I mean since 35mm film days), we've seem major advances in technology. Everything gets easy..... The paperless office has a handful of staff where there used to be dozens. It's neat, tidy, clean and virtually automatic. No one actually works! Cars park themselves, medical science cures all ills.
Cameras are the same. No one needs to be knowledgeable or, God forbid, "artistic" anymore.

This is true, isn't it?


My camera has smile recognition. The problem is, that I have to shoot a sad face for an advert. Damn! My camera is refusing to shoot.
Never mind. I have to shoot a backlit girl on a beach. Damn! My camera wont compensate enough and she comes out too dark!
Ok, I'll use an extra fill-in flash. Damn! My camera wont sync with an auxilliary flash.

Get the idea? Learn a bit, and soon you see the horrible limitations. Solutions? Easy.
Switch the camera to non-auto, use your eyes and common sense, make some reflectors, turn up the lights. Simple.

Actually it is simple. So why oh why confuse everything with automation? Answer; it pretends to be useful and therefore sells the product.
Give me a 20 mp digital with manual exposure, and no tricks. Add a quality lens and flash, (also non auto), and away we go!

This is the start of a series of articles designed to assist, inform and warn.  Enjoy!