Saturday, 4 June 2011

After the small product shot............

Ok, so I really hope that you ve read the article concerning  "small product photography ". You have? Good!

It isn't so simple though if you want a finished result.
Take a look at the image of the headset. What's wrong with it?
Well, several things, actually:
1/ It has non-white areas of background.
2/ The shadows could be cleaner, or just not there at all.
3/ You can't see this one, but let's suppose you want that image printed. You've decided to place it in your brochure, or make a poster, or use it as a point-of-sale ( POS), resource. Is it good enough? Did your camera lens resolve the detail enough to make this a big picture? Is it 100% free from camera shake?  The truth is, that you stand a fair chance of finding significant problems.

Am I saying don't do it? No, not at all. What I'm saying is, "be aware of what you want!"
The images taken to be supplied by Cremetti-Commercial will ALWAYS be suited to at least A2 printing. Why do I say "at least?" I say it because printing itself then becomes a major issue. Large format printing isn't something to buy at your local camera shop!
I'm not a printer, but if you do shoot your own products for large print, may I suggest you use "Lambda" print processes. It isn't everyones favourite, but it is ours.

Here's a link to my art site which I hope will clarify matters.