Saturday, 21 June 2014

Ordre des Chevaliers Bretvins

Ordre des Chevaliers Bretvins

I thought you might be interested in some pictures from the 20th anniversary of the "Knights Bretvins."

Now despite the fact that my mother was an expert in French and Latin, I am not much of a linguist, even my Italian is 99.9% rubbish. It's for that reason that my article here is a bit vague.......

The Bretvins are as I understand it, the guardians and promoters of  the wines of a  a specific area of France, and the customs, culture and  traditions of that region.  (See below)

Here is an extract, (by kind permission of Alcester Bretvins), from one of their websites.....

"The Confrerie d’Alcester was founded in 1994 as a direct outcome of the signing of a treaty of friendship – Protocole d’Amitie – between the parent body of the Order of Chevaliers Bretvins in France and the Alcester Court Leet, two organisations with very similar cultural aims.  The Order in France, centred on the Muscadet wine producing region of the Pays de Nantes, where Alcester’s twin town of Vallet is known as the Capital of Muscadet, has the principal objectives of promoting the products and traditions of its Haut Breton region, including its wines and gastronomy, together with the maintenance of its festivals and customs.  Similarly, the Alcester Court Leet, an organisation dating back some 700 years, continues to uphold the ancient customs, traditions, and ceremonials of the town and Manor of Alcester.

The Protocole was signed at an important ceremony on 23rd October 1994 in Alcester’s medieval Town Hall, attended by town dignitaries, Court Leet members, and a contingent of Bretvins from France.  Following the signing, the Grand Master of the Order, Michel Bolo, requested that a special branch of the Order be formed in Alcester.  This was immediately taken up by seven individuals, being members or associates of the Alcester Court Leet, certain amongst whom were signatories to the Protocole.  These seven became the first Chancellerie of the Confrerie.

Now grown significantly in numbers from the original seven, the Alcester Confrerie is proud to always include the superb Muscadet wine at the forefront of its numerous ceremonials and activities. " 

As I understand more, I shall write more. Meanwhile, with particular thanks to Mr J. Howell, here are the images.