Friday, 19 December 2014

Mirrorless, St Nicholas, Dual pixel and the 7D

Again I see that ages have gone by and I've written nothing. Sorry about that.
Here then, is a "round-up" of items from the last month or three.......................

The Fuji XE2, XT1 and XE1.

I wont bore you with which or when, nor why I own(ed), any of these cameras, but I WILL easily sum up my personal perspective on all of them at once.
Nice build, outstanding lenses, brilliant noise control at high sensitivity, great colour, nice feel, small, handy, versatile, characterful. That's these Fuji cameras.
Why then, have I bought 2 more Canon EOS 70D's?
Unfortunately, there is one reason and only one reason for me. The best way I can explain it, is by an example:

I'm amongst a crowd...... In an opening between seas of folks, I see Mr and Mrs Super Famous/interesting/infamous walking through. I have 10 seconds to get focussed, set exposure and shoot one or maybe two frames. Fuji, "erm... ok, don't hassle me man.......  Ooops! missed"
......... Canon: "click"
That's why.


What has St Nicholas night in Alcester, got to do with Plato?
Nothing really, but whilst shooting St Nicholas Night, (more later), I saw this accidental projection on the church wall. It just reminded me of this,
I sent it to "Nick" who I knew would "get it" when he saw it.
Anyway, St Nicholas Night 2014  
Here are a few pics:

So, there it is.

Canon 70D. Why I like this camera.

I owned 2x Canon EOS 7D's until a few weeks ago, and sold both in favour of 70D's, even though the 7D was currently  £100 cheaper. The 7D has reached the end of it's production, which is why it's cheap, btw.  (December 2014).

The 70D is a lighter, less durable body than the 7 series, lacks some weather sealing and has a slightly less complex focussing system than the 7.  It's classed as an "enthusiasts" camera, which means that if I'm working on a job I'm not enthusiastic about, I have to get a different camera. Fortunately, I'm always enthusiastic.
Anyway, first off, I actually bought a Fuji XT1. It's a fantastic camera, but you know how that story ends, (sadly). So, I bought one 70D and tried it out. I have to say that it's turning out to be my favourite Canon yet. The results are more "rounded", the handling easier, (for me, anyway). I cant really explain it without going all techno-boring, so I'll just leave the fact that I just like it, to be my reason for liking it. (Logical huh?).
Shortly after this, I bought another 70D, and the two sit playing cards together when there's no work on.
Ah, yes......... I do still own a Fuji XE2, which is great. Hesitant, but great.

I'm writing this on Friday 19th December, following a spiffing night with old friends. I actually feel like falling asleep........ In fact, I.......zzz....zzzzz....zzzzzzzz........