Friday, 14 January 2011

Pack shots, product, advertising and commercial photography.

What does all this mean? Explain "pack-shot."  Explain "product-photography !"
 Pack shot is a phrase which is used to mean a product and, or in, it's packaging. It seems a little odd, since you rarely see the "pack." For example: have you seen an ad for the IPad with a great picture of the box? Probably not.
"Product photography."
" Simple: Photo's of products....... Well, no. Probably not quite that simple. You may, as a manufacturer, retailer or wholesaler want a straight-forward picture of your product, clean, uncluttered and detailed. But you might want something more like an advertisement. So, are we talking "advertising photography" now? No, yes, maybe!
Perhaps we're actually talking "commercial photography." Does this make sense? It does to us. Commercial means:  "Relating to commerce and having either monetary or non-monetary gain as purpose".  Well, that's good. It says it all. "Commercial-photography" then, must be photography relating to commerce and having either monetary or non-monetary gain as purpose. That's us. Cremetti-Commercial. Yes, we primarily photograph "things," but what those things are, is your choice. Where they are is your choice. We like shooting on our own premises. It's easier to get lighting right! However, if you want a shot of your product, yourself or your premises in a specific location or style, we come to you.
Glad we cleared that up!