Thursday, 25 August 2011

Please don't go on the 6th of September.............

.....................To the Hereford and Worcester Chamber of Commerce expo.
Because it's on the 6th of OCTOBER!
Maybe I've pushed myself just a bit too far the last week or so. Seems I can't tell one month from another!

Added about 6000 more frames to my cameras shot count this last week or two. None of it "pleasure" shooting.
Mind you, I did attend the Birmingham sea life centre and took a couple of shots with a different camera.

Talking of cameras, today, (25th August 2011), my wife is putting her Canon EOS 40D up for sale. It's a great camera, and hasn't taken too many pics, (6k at a guess). Look on Ebay, it's a good buy.

Canon EOS 40D for sale